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Welcome to Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets, a project focused on increasing awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges facing Alaskans at both the state and federal levels, and developing and offering reasoned approaches in response.

We discuss and publicize both the issues Alaskans are facing and our proposed responses through efforts such as daily #PFD and #FederalBudget Notes at our Facebook and Twitter pages, The Alaska Fiscal Daily, our daily newsletter, our Weekly Top 3 podcast, as well as occasional speeches, blog posts, op-eds and independent research projects. Readers (and listeners) can find links to these and other important resources at the tabs across the top of this page.

Those interested in becoming actively involved with us on these issues are encouraged to join the project’s Facebook Group page. There, participants regularly react and comment on our thoughts, as well as offer their own views and approaches on these issues. Such participation and interactions are critical to the project’s long-term mission of increasing awareness and offering robust approaches in response to the issues Alaskans are facing.

Thank you for visiting our page and welcome to the effort.

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